It seems like yesterday that I started as chair of the Retiree Network, but more than two years have passed. Within that time many new, exciting, and innovative things have occurred within NJAHPERD. The Association has become a viable force on the state and national levels promoting the vision for strong health and physical education, and dance programs, increased funding and grants to strengthen and develop physical education programs in the schools, advocated that only physical education teachers in license may teach physical education to elementary school children, and run two successful annual conventions, to name a few. Retirees have been asked to raise their voices to support all association stands in legislative ventures by phoning and/or writing their congress representatives, or volunteering to attend the State Board of Education meetings, or meet with our federal congress representatives in Washington. In addition, retirees have contributed numerous hours volunteering their services at our annual convention as hosts to greet attendees or working the registration desk. I hear many stories of having fun welcoming old friends and catching up. 

The interests of the Retiree Network continue to be represented through me at all Executive Board meetings. If there is a cause or interest you want presented, please connect with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 1-973-655-4466.

Best Wishes for the new year.

See you at our convention and workshops.


Retiree Network Chairperson