Active Schools
initiative is to help schools provide a comprehensive school physical activity program with quality physical education as the foundation so that youth will develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.

Be a Champion for your students and join the MOVEment! Ensure that your school provides a comprehensive school physical activity program with quality physical education as the foundation. 
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The Presidential Youth Fitness Program will provide you with access to a robust selection of resources that will help students engage in their own health and fitness, including a health-related assessment(FitnessGram), companion educational and motivational tools, training materials and awards. Funding is available for FitnessGram through NJAHPERD.

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 Physical Education & Sport Week Daily Activities for the Week

Ideas to promote a LMAS!

  • Toolbox  for teachers & coaches
  • Morning announcements; kids exercise in homerooms
  • Create an exercise video – show during homeroom; have teachers exercise with the students
  • Exercise breaks during the school day
  • Use Jammin’ Minute for elementary schools; free to register
  • Use Jam Blast for MS/HS; free to register
  • Contact a University near your school district to come over and teach after school activities
  • Set up an empty classroom with exercise equipment
  • Set up Biggest Loser programs for teachers
  • Start a dance club, fitness club, yoga or walking program for teachers
  • Analyze the food in the cafeteria
  • Staff created “soup days” once per month; teachers would provide the recipe for staff as well as soup in the teachers room
  • Family Wellness Night; cooperative activities, games, Fitnessgram stations
  • Health Fairs for students and parents
  • Healthy Food tasting; provided by Whole Foods
  • Fun Fit Night; Zumba, Karate, Boot camp, Yoga
  • 20 Wellness stations for families
  • Run Jump Throw event for your school or community
  • Energy Balance 101
  • Health & Wellness Day with area hospital
  • Start a wellness committee
  • Fitness Field Day; Rita’s will donate fat free ice cream
  • Have students in a classroom sit on stability balls instead of chairs
  • Physical Education & Sport Week; whole school activities
  • Got Milk commercials
  • Taste test healthy snacks
  • Start a Healthy Snack Shack after school; proceeds donated