Mini Grant Application

NJAHPERD’s goal is to support quality program development in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance in New Jersey’s Pre-K - 12 schools and Colleges and Universities. The mini grant provides financial assistance up to $1000 for new program development or to expand an existing program. Grants may be used to purchase equipment, software, or other materials that focus on student learning in Health, Physical Education, Recreation or Dance. Grants may not be used for salary, honorarium, food, travel, accommodations or convention registration. Grant applicants must be current members of NJAHPERD and agree to submit an article to the FYI or present a session at a conference or convention related to the grant proposal.
Previous grant recipients are not eligible to apply the year following their award.
NJAHPERD Executive Board members are not eligible.

Assessment rubric

Grant Application Guidelines

Completed applications must be sent electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   A hard copy with original signatures postmarked by September 30th should also be sent to:

P.O. Box 2283
Ocean, NJ 07712.

Only complete applications will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant and the applicant may choose to submit the grant for the following year. All grant applicants will be notified within three weeks of the submission deadline regarding acceptance or rejection of their proposal.

Include in the following documents in the proposal using the following order:

  1. An application information form including applicant signature. (Page 1) Mini Grant Application
  2. A description of the program, limited to two pages, that includes the following: (Pages 2-3)
    • Title
    • Program description. Identify the purpose of the grant, the activities that will be conducted or the materials that will be used.
    • Explanation of how the grant will impact student learning. Include the number of students who will be impacted.
    • Identification of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (formerly NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards), Strands and Cumulative Progress Indicators that are addressed in this program. At least one of the Standards must be a Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standard.
    • Description of how the GRANT program will be assessed to determine effectiveness. Include assessment criteria, tools and who will conduct the assessment.
  3. A signed support letter from applicant’s supervisor, administrator, department chairperson or principal.(Page 4)
  4. A 300 word biography describing applicant’s current position and qualifications for grant implementation. (Page 5)
  5. A detailed budget listing the type of equipment, quantity, equipment company, price per item, shipping costs and total. (Page 6). Identify any matching funds or shared funding if appropriate. FlagHouse is the official equipment supplier for NJAHPERD. Any items available through FlagHouse must be used before accessing any other vendor.

For more information contact:

Jackie Malaska
Executive Director NJAHPERD
Phone: 732-918-9999 Fax: 732-918-2211