November 9 & 10, 2017
Atlantic City Convention Center

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Friday Plenary Session is sponsored by NJAHPERD
The Critical Nature of Movement: Physical Activity in the Modern Classroom-Mike Kuczala

Health & Physical Education Sessions
Engage Students - Active Learning
Making the Grade: On New School Wellness Policy Requirements
Active Kids = Active Minds: Why kids need to move!
Rise & Shine! Benefits of Before-School Physical Activity
Dancing With the "Kids"
Feet Don't Fail Me Now: Latin Dance Basics
From Conceptual Knowledge to Pedagogical Practice of Dance
Get Them Up! Moving! & Learning!
Sharing is Caring: A Quality PE Program
Health Education in Any Classroom
A Roadmap to Exemplary Health and Physical Education Programs
Pickleball 101
Learning Through Movement
The Parachute is Open
PLYOGA FITNESS: Functional, Interval Training Meets Yoga
Yogapalooza: Incorporate Yoga with Music, Activities, Tools and Creative Relaxation
School Gardens: Classroom Extension to Curricula and Hands-On Learning