NJ Legislative Health & Physical Education Statutes

Health, Physical Education and Safety Mandate
18A:35-5 Maintenance of physical training courses
Each board of education shall conduct as part of the instruction in the public schools courses in health, safety and physical education, which courses shall be adapted to the ages and capabilities of the pupils in the several grades and departments. To promote the aims of these courses any additional requirements or rules as to medical inspection of school children may be imposed.

18A:35-6 Supervision of Instruction
Such courses, and the instruction therein, shall be subject to the general supervision and direction of the commissioner, who shall appoint, with the approval of the state board, such expert assistants as in the opinion of the state board shall from time to time be necessary to carry out the purposes of such courses.

18A: 35-7 Course required
Every pupil, except kindergarten pupils, attending the public schools, insofar as he is physically fit and capable of doing so, as determined by the medical inspector, shall take such courses, which shall be a part of the curriculum prescribed for the several grades, and the conduct and attainment of the pupils shall be marked as in other courses or subjects, and the standing of the pupil in connection therewith shall form a part of the requirements for promotion or graduation.

18A: 35-8 Time devoted to course
The time devoted to such courses shall aggregate at least two and one-half hours in each school week, or proportionately less when holidays fall within the week.

Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey (TEACHNJ Law)


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Recent Bills
CPR/AED instruction Bill A2072 & S235
Requires public school students in grades 9 through 12 to receive instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of an automated external defibrillator prior to graduation

Pending Bills

Recess Bill A2469 S1144
Requires a public school district to provide a daily recess period for students in grades kindergarten through 5.
NJAHPERD Position Paper

K-6 Certification Bill A3964 S2323
Requires teachers of Health and Physical Education in grades kindergarten through six in public schools to possess the appropriate endorsement to the instructional certificate, and includes a "grandfather" provision. 
NJAHPERD Position Paper


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